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  • Name - Zier Fox

  • Alias - The Burning Fox

  • From - North America

  • Likes - Peace, Family, Fighting, The Fox-Hound, Zara

  • Dislikes - Judgmental people

Cursed with the rare bloodline of The Burning Fox, Zier is on a journey to obtain peace. Everyday is a challenge for him as he faces new foes, and try to gain full control of his powers. Many times in the past, Zier would be consumed by the blood of his father, but it's always the pure blood of his mother and The Silver Fox Clan, that brings him back to reality. 

  • Name - Zara

  • From - South America

  • Likes - Music, Helping others, Zier

  • Dislikes - Evil, Zier's evil side

During the war in South America, Zara and her family migrated to North America and were adopted into The Silver Fox Clan. They are the only non-related members. Meeting Zier in her early years, she began to develop a liking towards him. Together the both of them constantly faced danger. Saving each other over and over again has made their bond unbreakable. 

  • Name - Zage

  • From - South Africa

  • Likes - His tribe, Lightning, Paint

  • Dislikes - Dishonesty, Losing

Zier's best friend and possibly the only person he can trust. Zage is a very wise fighter with enough wisdom for 10 men.  His purpose in life is to impress his ancestors and help maintain peace in the world. Paired up with Zier since their teenage years, Zage will never turn his back on Zier and their Fox-Hound group.

  • Name - Zeus

  • From - Asia

  • Likes - Being on the set, action films

  • Dislikes - Stunt Doubles, Scripts

The hot head of The Fox-Hound, Zeus often let's his arrogance and attitude overcome his fighting ability. He constantly bumps head with the other members, but he will always treat them like family. Zeus left The Fox-Hound to pursue his acting career in Hollywood. He rejoined his "family" when he found out that Navier was in Danger.