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My name is Elijah Simon, the creator of the ENDtense brand. I am a freelance artist born in New Jersey. I am currently residing in North Carolina. I have a strong passion for storytelling and character creation. During my youth, I was inspired by multiple sources of media from the late 90's and early 2000's. Majority of my inspiration comes from Video Games, Anime and Comics/Manga. Overall it has shaped the way that I construct my projects. As a freelance artist, I have done various commission designs and comic books. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Take care!

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Drawing Software

I am currently using Clip Studio Paint as my main program for drawing on PC & Mac. Procreate is my secondary program for when I'm drawing on the go with my iPad Pro.

Graphics Tablet & Etc.

I am currently using a Kamvas Pro 22 Graphics Tablet by Huion. I also use a Huion Gt-190 as a backup. Essentially, Kamvas is the upgraded version. I also use a iPad Pro and Apple Pen.

Video Editing Software

I am currently using Filmora X by Wondershare on Mac. On the PC side, I am using VEGAS Pro by MAGIX. For mobile devices, I use Inshot on my android and iPad.

Audio ANd Music software

I am currently using FL Studio to compose all of my original sounds. I also use it to record various voice work. Pro Tools is another recording software that I use. But more recently I have been using Video Editing software like VEGAS and Filmora to record audio with similar results.

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Game Engine software

I am currently using the OpenBor 2D Beat 'em up engine to create my video game that's currently in development.



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