9 years ago, a devastating plague began to spread within various locations on earth. The epidemic was like no other. The outbreak was spreading like wildfire, and people were dying at a tremendous rate. More than 3/4 of the population is either dead or mutated. And the remaining survivors struggle endlessly to stay alive.

A Mysterious Vagabond 
Age: 20

Surviving is the only thing that consumes the mind of Isaiah. The world is simply hell on Earth, but there are survivors in his camp that rely on him and his father. Scavenging the lower grounds for supplies and medicine is becoming an everyday task. His younger sister Megan is showing symptoms of the plague... Isaiah will risk it all to find some medicine to fight off the infection until a cure is created.

Leader of STAR
Age: 28

After the death of her husband, Razia stepped in as the leader of STAR. Her sole purpose is to find a cure and repair this broken world... Every day she fights hard to continue the path of her late husband. With more than 3/4 of the population extinct, survival seems like wishful thinking in the mind of Razia. But in honor of her husband, she holds on to hope for a better future.

A future that is safe for their unborn child.

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